Filing for a Divorce in Cameroon

Filing for a Divorce in Cameroon

Filing for Divorce in Cameroon is about the same process as getting a divorce in other countries. The judicial process of divorce in Cameroon is regulated under: Matrimonial Causes Act of 1973 alongside Section 18 Law no 2006/015 of 29 December 2006 and supplemented by Law no 2011/027 of 14 December 2011.

In Cameroon – The Legal practitioner[Lawyer] who handles a divorce case must ensure that the spouses have held an official Marriage [the proof is the “Marriage Certificate”], whether they signed a joint property accord or not [to determine property division], whether they have children together [to determine children custody]. From here on, The Lawyer will then move on to providing a list of documents to the Higher Court of Registry after payment of regulatory fees!

The Documents that are said to be provided by the lawyer in the paragraph above are:

  • Copy of the Divorce Petition
  • Certificate of reconciliation
  • Affidavit Verification Document

These documents must be served on the respondent personally by a bailiff to give him/her the possibility of denying or admitting the divorce before the court makes an ORDER NISI, ORDER ABSOLUTE, and Proceed to the issue of a “Certificate of Divorce”!


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