How to Register an NGO in Cameroon

How to Register an NGO in Cameroon

How to Register an NGO in Cameroon. The Law regulating the Creation of NGOs in Cameroon is Law No. 99/014 of 22nd December 1999 & Law No. 90/053 of 19th December 1990 on the Freedom of Association.

In Order to Register an NGO in Cameroon, the interested applicant must know the difference between an Association and a Non-Governmental Organization [NGO]; Where the main difference is their legal framework! This is because an Association is more Liberal where as an NGO is a subject to some formalities.

Rules regulating an NGO in Cameroon allows her to accept gifts, Legacies and subventions. Also, when registering an NGO in Cameroon, the applicant must know that there is a difference in procedure. Between an International NGO wishing to operate in Cameroon and a Local NGO of Cameroon Origin.

Documents Needed to Register an NGO in Cameroon

  1. Application for legalization addressed to the Senior Divisional Officer (SDO). Through the Divisional Officer of the division where your headquarters will be located.
  2. Names of Organization exco, for example, the Founder/Coordinator/President, the Treasurer, the Secretary General, and other positions you may deem necessary. This list must be tabulated with the following column headings, respectively; Serial number, Name, Occupation, Address, ID card number, Contact number, Position (occupied at the organization), Signature. Make two copies and certify them at any Police Special Unit
  3. 2 copies of the organization’s constitution. (It is hard to write it yourself but you can seek help from an expert. Or beg a copy from an existing organization to serve as guide)
  4. 2 copies of two different minutes of constituent assembly/board meetings (before creation). This could be minutes of meetings held with members of the exco to adopt the constitution. And minutes of meetings held to adopt the name of the organization. Or just minutes of any meeting held in the interest of the organization
  5.  2 fiscal stamps at 1000frs each (one on the application and one on the certified copy of exco members)

What to take note of when you want to register an NGO in Cameron

Before putting together the necessary documents, you must have written the constitution of the NGO. You must have also identified your different exco members so as to allow them fill in their information [and sign] on the list of exco.  Remember to get the minutes ready. When you have had all these on your table. You are set to go and deposit them at the Divisional Office (DO’s office) for approval. Before onward transmission to the SDO’s office.

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