I remember in 2017 when ‘ La Sauce ‘  the title and a slogan generated from Reniss song , was used by orange Cameroon ,

Regularly it would have been a big opportunity for New  Bell Music to  sue Orange Cameroon for  intellectual property theft but they couldn’t .

Why did Jovi CEO of New Bell Music  not sue  Orange Cameroon ?

It is logically to admit that the New Bell Music  couldn’t sue orange Cameroon because they had no legal backing , the intellectual property aspect of the slogan was not registered .. the “La sauce “ slogan gained all popularity and the initiators where not smart to register it .

NOW , what is an intellectual property ?

Intellectual property is the unique idea which has been used to produce an “original work”. For example, your intellectual property is the creativity put into writing an original song or script or coining a stage name or slang.

There are four intellectual property rights that are recognized : Copyright, Trademark, Patent, Industrial Designs.

Two of these rights, copyright and trademark, apply more to the entertainment industry.

While Copyright protects the rights of literary and artistic creators like authors, actors, artists, producers, directors, songwriters, scriptwriters, et cetera, trademark protects their brand identity; that is, the name, word, phrase, or logo that distinguishes them from other people in the entertainment industry.

For instance,  Stanley Enow recently trademarked his first name ,this means that no other person can use that name for an entertainment business under the class(es) in which the name is registered.

The protection of intellectual property rights in the entertainment industry is very important. Remember to always seek legal advice .

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