Get Legal Opinion Service in Cameroon

Get Legal Opinion Service in Cameroon

Get Legal Opinion Service in Cameroon. With thorough understanding of this business industry, we are engrossed in providing Legal Opinion Service to our clients. Due to personnel dedication and knowledge helps us to meet the detailed needs of the clients within the given period of time. We have adroit employees, who offer these services in agreement with the defined guidelines.

All the members of our firm and associates are enrolled Advocates (attorneys-at-law) and authorized to render legal opinion pertaining to any matter. We at “Prime Time law offices ” provide expert legal opinion by an Advocate experienced in that particular field. 

The initial legal opinion service will be restricted to a preliminary legal opinion on one single matter. The extent of advice would depend on how much of information you share with the lawyer.

There is a fixed fee for the service. Information and solutions will be in the form of a one e-mail. However, as you will appreciate for this fixed cost, we cannot enter into any form of litigation or lengthy correspondence on your behalf. After the initial opinion, if any further advice is sought in a very detailed manner then additional standard lawyer’s fee will be applicable. It would depend on the type of legal issue & its complexity.

Subject to the acceptance of payment, use of this service does not create an attorney – client relationship, even if you provide information to us by any means including using a contact form on this site.

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