How to Get an Import License in Cameroon

How to Get an Import License in Cameroon

How to Get an Import License in Cameroon. Getting import licenses in Cameroon could be an issue of bureaucracy. However, below is a breakdown of requirements to already have in hand and have fulfilled before making an application for the obtainment of importation license in Cameroon. 

Note that the information you will get here is not legal advice; where you require further legal advice on this procedure, you should seek the services of a lawyer.

  1. An application (carrying a fiscal stamp) indicating the full address of the applicant, the sector of activity or the nature of products to be imported
  2. A copy of the registration number indicating incorporation of the company at the Trade and Personal Property Rights Registry or at the Registry for Cooperative Societies
  3. A certified location plan signed and certified by the competent taxation office
  4. A certified copy of Tax payer’s card
  5. A Certificate for Submission or a Certificate of Non Use of a Salaried Worker regularly delivered by the National Social Insurance Fund Office
  6. A copy of the accreditation document for the exercise of the commercial activity in Cameroon (where necessary)
  7. An attestation of non-indebtedness indicating that the company doesn’t owe any taxes
  8. A copy of the importation and exportation authorization document of the concerned products (where necessary)
  9. A proof of payment of the sum of thirty thousand francs (XAF 30,000) as registration fee 
  10. Proof of payment of the sum of fifteen thousand francs (XAF 15,000) as annual contribution to the National Council of Cameroonian Loaders 
  11. A certified true copy of the National identity Card or Residence Permit of the main company representative
  12. In the case of the exportation of cocoa or coffee, a certificate of declaration of existence
  13. A solemn undertaking for the exportation of cocoa or coffee

I hope that the above information was helpful to you and someone you may know. Like I said earlier on, this information serves as a guide and is not in itself any legal counseling. Where you require proper legal counselling, you can contact a lawyer.

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