Transactional Due Diligence in Cameroon

Transactional Due Diligence in Cameroon

Transactional Due Diligence in Cameroon. The acquisition of a company or participation in a company requires a careful due diligence on the target company.

In practice, a due diligence process in Cameroon generally consists of a legal due diligence, tax due diligence and potentially a technical due diligence. Such due diligence process is generally conducted right after the signing of NON DISCLOSURE AGREMMENT  between the potential buyer and the potential seller of a company.

The required scope of a transactional due diligence may vary depending on industry, exposure to risks and size of the target company. In the current Cameroonian  market, which is a rather seller-friendly market, most bidders in an auction process or potential buyers chose to conduct a red flag due diligence instead of going all-in and conducting a full-fledged due diligence regarding any and all aspects of the target company.

Typically, even a red flag due diligence covers legal, financial and tax matters and is conducted by experts in the respective fields, i.e. lawyers, tax advisers, financial advisers and potentially other specialized consultants such as technical consultants for a technical due diligence or environmental consultants conducting a specific environmental due diligence.

Our attorneys and tax advisers have extensive experience with all scopes of due diligence processes, particularly regarding the acquisition of Cameroonian limited liability companies by foreign investors in the context of a cross-border transaction. Most of our specialized Cameroonian lawyers and tax advisers have previously been working with major international law firms or as in-house counsel for multi-jurisdictional corporations.

With offices located in Cameroonian major economic and financial centers, we routinely advise domestic and foreign clients on all aspects of corporate and transactional law. We both act as lead counsel and local Cameroonian counsel and have conducted various legal and tax due diligence processes in the past.

Our team of attorneys, certified specialist attorneys in corporate law, and tax advisers at PRIME TIME LAW OFFICES competently advises on all transaction-related matters. Our services regarding legal due diligence and tax due diligence particularly cover the following:

  • hold extensive knowledge and broad experience with transactional non-disclosure agreements both in the context of private equity as well as strategic transactions and
  • routinely draft, review, revise and negotiate NDAs for our clients inEnglish and, even more commonly so, in French.


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