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Our consulting services is multi-faceted and can also be a one stop shop. We cover the business and the technology side, as well as the governmental one. This is mainly appealing for private clients looking to invest in new jurisdictions as well as for public sectors looking to improve their operations


Leading companies recognize that new digital technologies present growth opportunities and customization options.

Our team had highly skilled experts and engineers who maintain a deep knowledge of leading technologies. Our consulting acumen and insights provides us with the unique ability to design, develop and implement the optimal technology solution for the client.

Our area of expertise include the following:

Cyber Technologies: Our cyber technology solutions enable secure information exchange, transport, storage, and operations, helping clients navigate cyberspace with trusted and secure networks, systems, information, and delivery solutions.

Systems Development: This includes developing software to automate business processes and improve client service. All this will be customized to solve mission requirements, and share information effectively and securely.

Strategic Technology and Innovation: We apply technology strategy, management, and analysis as well as enterprise architecture and design expertise to address our clients’ strategic technology agendas.

Our team of highly skilled experts offers to consult in terms of design, development and implementation of the optimal technology solutions for your company


We are well familiar with various political climates and regulatory landscapes and we know law and business intersections, which makes us eligible for cutting-edge advocacy work

We have decades of experience in the executive and legislative branches of government and our public policy practice has the following areas:

Lobbying, which includes efforts to inform and to clarify and articulatethe decisions of government officials.
Regulatory Advocacy, which includes efforts to affect the rule making and the rule interpretation process.
Public Policy Due Diligence, which includes the analysis and study to identity risks and changes in specific sectors resulting from mergers or any change of business or political climate.

We are well familiar with various political climates and regulatory landscapes and we offer services in different private policy areas


We help evaluate and understand the financials and capacity by providing target operating model services such as outsourcing

Finance Performance Management: We help develop a holistic view of performance drivers and improve the connection between business performance and incentives.

Finance Strategy: We help develop a vision, strategy and plan that is linked with company objectives, and also offer innovative, one-day workshops to facilitate strategic planning and executive alignment.

Corporate Transactions: We help prepare for corporate transactions and manage post-transaction matters.

In addition, our skilled team can provide the following:

  • Navigating risk and regulatory complexity
  • Providing reliable and actionable financial information & reporting
  • Delivering cost effective technology & operations to the business
  • Supporting the client growth and cost management agenda
  • Maximizing the value from mergers & acquisitions
  • Planning for and responding to a crisis
  • Growing and leveraging human capita


In sum, we see things that others miss, and we offer creative solutions that combine insightful experience and knowledge of the environment and the industry

We provide an array of strategic planning and consulting services to help our clients navigate complex business environments in the global arena:

  • Corporate Growth Strategies and Strategic Planning
  • Management Consulting
  • Market Entry Strategy
  • Political and Business Risk Management
  • Trade Barrier Solutions
  • International Government Relations Strategies
  • Deal Sourcing
  • Market Analysis and Local Partner Evaluation
  • Capital Raising (Private and Public)
  • Acquisition Strategy and Deal Negotiation
  • Emerging Markets
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Exit Strategies


Our highly experienced attorneys and staff assist clients by monitoring state and federal legislative and executive activities

We therefore have the capability to act in a preemptive manner, striving to protect our client’s actual and potential interests. Among our attorneys, for example, is one of only a few Washington lawyers known to have successfully defended an international public-relations concern in a sweeping Books & Records inspection brought by the U.S. Department of Justice under the Foreign Agents Registration Act of 1938.

We also advise governments and agencies on proposed laws and regulations in the economic, financial, commercial, and foreign-investment sectors. We are especially keen to provide such services in countries that experiencing profound economic growth and development, especially in the Middle East, in Central and Latin America as well as in Central and North Africa. Our multicultural, multi-jurisdictional experiences equip us to provide such advice comprehensively but also efficiently.

In addition, we offer periodic customized legal, economic, and political updates, enabling private and public entities to stay up to date on international relations and affairs affecting their businesses. As such, entities can easily adapt to environmental changes, and will be able to identify new opportunities and advantages.

Our highly experienced attorneys and staff assist clients by monitoring state and federal legislative and executive activities


The objective of such programs is to enhance a country’s attractiveness to international entrepreneurs and investors and to create more favorable conditions for foreign direct investments

Citizenship-by-Investment programs offer the opportunity to legally acquire a new citizenship quickly and simply, without any disruptions to a person’s life.

Other countries offer a route to citizenship following a reasonable period of residence, such as Australia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Portugal, Singapore, the UK and the USA.

We have studied all current programs and constantly monitor new developments.

The firm continues to advise and assist clients around the world in this field, and has a truly global overview of and expertise in Citizenship-by-Investment programs.

All of our programs are based on the following five pillars which extent may differ from one program to the other:

  • Cost of the program
  • Speed of the procedure
  • Mobility of the person and his family
  • Quality of life
  • Simplicity in the process
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